“The one and only...”

You’ve come to the right place for country cookin’!

It’s the specialty of the house at Stan’s Restaurant,

Country Store and Antique Center. It’s been that

way forever and a day. Whatever home-cooked

meal you’ve got a hankerin’ for, Stan’s has it.

We’re cooking country-style for every meal,

every day of the week--no exceptions!


Enjoy Stan’s delicious lineup of appetite teasing

creations. No matter what day of the week it is,

you’re sure to find a meal plan that

suits your appetite and your pocketbook.


While you’re here, don’t miss out on our selection

of antiques, souvenirs and gift attractions in the

Country Store. You may want to get some jams and

jellies, sausage and country ham to take home with

you. Let your appetite be your guide!


Somethin’ to mull over:

When a hog scratches his

right side, he does the charleston

with his right foot & thus

develops tough muscles.

When he scratches his left side,

he rubs gently against a

tree or post; therefore, leftside

hams are far more tender

than the right—or so the old

timers say. That’s why we sell

only left side hams.

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Don't Forget to Fill 'er Up!

We carry BP Gas, only one for miles!